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Airport Self Storage
2049 East Monte Vista Ave -- Vacaville, CA 95688 -- (707) 451-8700

Important Information

Monthly Payments

All payments are due on the 1st of each month and delinquent after tahe 10th of the month.

After you have moved in initially with a Cash or Credit Card Payment, you may make all additional payments by cash, check, credit card or with our AutoPay Program.

If you pay by check, you need to make sure that we will receive the payment by the 10th of the month, or you will receive a late fee automatically by the computer.

You may pay by credit card at our facility or by calling us to make a payment. When calling, you may request that we save the number so you don't have to give it each time. If you don't request us to save your number, we won't and you can simply give us the number each time you make a payment. Some people prefer we save it and others don't want it saved.

You can also have us put you in our AutoPay Program.


All Storage Facilities have late fees, pre-lien fees, and lien-fees and these add up very quickly when you forget or are unable to pay your bill.

The solution is to let us put you in our AutoPayment program. You can cancel AutoPay at any time and when you do move out, it is automatically canceled.

AutoPay is where we charge your credit card automatically on the 1st of every month. The big advantage of AutoPay is that you don't get late fees when you forget to pay your bill before the 10th of the month. Even if your bank cancels your card because of a suspected invalid charge, you still have until the 10th of the month to have a new card issued or to pay by check or cash.

Late fees can be as little as $10 on our smallest unit to as much as 15% of your bill if you are paying $100 or more on your unit. When you get very busy or are out of town or the country its very easy to forget and incur that extra cost. If you are sick or injured, it may be impossible to pay.